we worry so you don’t have to.


The people we work with have one thing in common: they love what they do, but they don’t love the administrative, legal and HR idiosyncrasies invariably involved with pursuing funding opportunities by local or municipal government bodies. However, here at Renewable Envoy, all those things are our expertise and what we love doing. We help artists or organizations manifest their creations into reality.

Our latest partnership was with local interdisciplinary artist Luis Varela-Rico. Together, we submitted—and won—a bid for a renewable energy-powered art installation at the Desert Diamonds Baseball Complex, a new sports and recreational activity next to Mountain’s Edge Regional Park.

We have also previously won funded research opportunities by the Department of Energy (DoE) to study the feasibility of establishing solar-powered Micro Living Pods for the homeless and continue to push C-PACE legislation in unincorporated Clark County.

Whatever you wish to undertake, we are here to help.

Luis Varela-Rico completes the installation of  Organic Study II .

Luis Varela-Rico completes the installation of Organic Study II.